Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Let’s talk about Zack Snyder’s new flick, Rebel Moon. Right from the start, it feels like a scene straight out of Star Wars. There’s this farmer, a hooded warrior, and a cantina filled with alien faces. Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s got that Star Wars vibe, but it’s not exactly light-years away from it.

A Lifelong Dream Turned Space Tale

Snyder’s been brewing this space opera since he was an 11-year-old Star Wars fan. But it seems he’s been stuck on the same question since then: “What if Star Wars met Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai?” That’s pretty much what Rebel Moon’s all about. Snyder originally pitched it to Lucasfilm as a Star Wars gig, but when they said no, he made it its own thing. Well, sort of its own thing.

Star Wars with a Snyder Touch

Rebel Moon’s not shy on Snyder’s trademarks. Compared to the official Star Wars flicks, it’s got more blood, more swear words, and a sprinkle of nudity. Plus, expect extra lens flares, slow-mo action scenes, and loads of talking.

Less ‘Fun’, More ‘Teen Angst’

This movie thinks it’s more grown-up than Star Wars, but it’s more like an angsty teenager. It’s not any smarter or deeper. The good guys are super good, the bad guys are obviously bad, and looks play a big part in deciding who’s who.

A Familiar Tale in a New Outfit

You’ve got Admiral Atticus Noble, clearly not Darth Vader, and the Regent, definitely not the Emperor. Then there’s Kora, our hero, doing her thing on a moon that’s definitely not Tatooine. They’re up against the bad guys, and yep, they’re off to fight back against the oppressors.

Adventures in Space… Sort of

After they pick up a bunch of allies, they jet off to different planets—yep, planets with Earth-like vibes—and find their squadmates in no time. But after all that setup, nothing much really happens. It’s a letdown.

All Style, No Substance

Sure, the costumes are cool, the actors are doing their best, and Sofia Boutella’s got that tough-sexy vibe down. But it’s all for show. There’s no action, no real challenges—nothing to sink your teeth into.

Big Talk, Small Story

For all its big talk, Rebel Moon’s story falls flat. It’s like a long intro for the next movie, not much else. It’s a bit of a waste.

But It’s Weirdly Charming

Zack Snyder’s. Still, there’s something oddly likable about Rebel Moon. It’s unapologetically a mix of recycled ideas, but it’s got this honesty that makes you appreciate young Snyder’s wild dreams. The movie might not be mind-blowing, but the story behind it? That’s something.

So, Rebel Moon might not be the space epic you’re looking for, but it’s proof that even the most far-out childhood dreams can become a reality.

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