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Jaymark "Hadess" Lazaro: Best 3 Jungle Heroes in M5

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community must know Jaymark “Hadess” Lazaro. He is M5 World Championship Jungler player. Now talk about him, the most recent meta change is making things even more exciting. The return of damage-type jungle heroes. Which once dominate by tank jungle heroes, is giving the game a lot of new energy. Jaymark “Hadess” Lazaro, Team Flash’s Jungler, is leading the way in this changing meta. He is freely sharing his inside information on the top jungle heroes who are currently ruling the scene.

Jaymark “Hadess” Lazaro: Jungle Heroes of the Damage Type Are Back:

Mobile Legends is a game that is always changing, and now damage-type jungle heroes are making a successful return. It was less popular for these heroes during the tank jungle era, but now they’re back in the spotlight. The return of their powerful playstyles is bringing back the same thrill that made people love Mobile Legends in the first place.

Jaymark “Hadess” Lazaro: The love Hades has for Damage-Type Junglers:

Hadess, a skilled player and important part of Team Flash, is thrilled about the return of damage-type junglers. In a special conversation with ONE Esports, he talks about how much he loved playing Mobile Legends when he was younger and his favorite heroes were assassins and mages. These heroes, who are quick and powerful, still hold a special place in Hadess’ heart and in the way she plays.

The early massive damage is a key trait.

The key to success in the current meta, according to Hadess, is being able to deal a lot of damage early on. Setting yourself up to be the best in the jungle means making a strong impression right away.

Jaymark “Hadess” Lazaro: Hadess’s Top Picks for the Jungle:

  • Joan of Arc:

A Fighter/Mage hero who is very popular because of her speed and ability to handle crowds.

Hadess’s View: “Guinevere’s jump makes it very easy to kill enemies,” he says, pointing out how powerful her Spatial Migration is for controlling the fight.

  • Yes, Nolan

A quick-moving hero who can move quickly and farm.

Hadess’s opinion: “He can farm so quickly, and once you reach level four, it’s easy to kill enemies.” This shows how effective Nolan is in the jungle and how powerful he could become in the game.

  • Joy – The Best Mage-Assassin:

A mage-assassin with an ultimate power that changes the game.

Hadess’s Take: “Joy is very hard to deal with because of her ultimate, Ha, Electrifying Beats, which makes her immune to crowd control.” This shows that Joy has a special edge in battle.

  • Joy is Hades’ favorite choice.

Even though both Guinevere and Nolan are making waves in the game, Hades picks Joy as the jungle hero who really stands out. He talks about how Joy’s ultimate ability makes her immune to crowd control like no one else, which makes her a game-changer in crucial times.

What to expect at the M5 World Championship:

Fans can get ready for tough competition during the draft part of the M5 World Championship now that they know what Hadess knows. There will likely be a lot of competition for Guinevere, Nolan, and Joy, the amazing mage-assassin. This will make for exciting fights and strategic moves.

In conclusion:

As the M5 World Championship goes on, all eyes are on the jungle heroes who are setting the current meta. The community can look forward to exciting plays, strategic drafts, and the never-ending quest for jungle domination thanks to Hadess’s expert picks. Get ready for a show as these heroes compete for glory on VTBET Mobile Legends big stage!


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