Tue. Jun 11th, 2024

So, OpenAI, the genius behind the ChatGPT chatbot everyone’s been raving about, just dropped a hefty 27-page guide. They’re all about dodging the worst that could happen with their supercharged AI.

Dodging Disaster: OpenAI’s Blueprint

They’re talking serious risks here—picture major cyber chaos or AI lending a hand in making weapons. Scary stuff. But OpenAI’s got a plan.

Who’s Got the Say?

The big shots at OpenAI call the shots on putting out new AI models. But hold up, the final, final say is with the board of directors. They can throw a veto on decisions made by the top dogs. But, before it gets there, OpenAI’s set up a bunch of safety checks.

Ready for Anything: The Safety Crew

There’s a special squad, the “preparedness” team, led by Aleksander Madry from MIT. They’re on leave just to keep an eye on risks and rank them—low, medium, high, or critical.

Safety First, Launch Later

Here’s the deal: only models with a “medium” or lower risk score after safety tweaks can go live. And for more tweaks and updates, only those with a “high” or lower risk score get the green light.

Work in Progress

Their safety rulebook’s still in beta. That means they’re open to tweaking it based on feedback. They’re staying flexible and open to improvements.

Board Drama and Who’s in Charge

OpenAI’s board and CEO had a bit of a showdown recently. Questions flew about who holds the power. Also, the current board’s lacking diversity, and folks aren’t happy about it. Some say companies can’t regulate themselves properly, calling for lawmakers to step in and make AI safer.

AI Safety Buzz

This safety talk’s come at a time when people are all worked up about AI causing an apocalypse. Top AI minds, like the big shots at OpenAI and Google Deepmind, signed a statement calling for everyone to focus on reducing AI-related extinction risks. But, some think companies are using this far-off doomsday idea to distract from the real problems with AI today.

Last Thoughts

OpenAI’s laying out a roadmap to handle AI risks, showing they’re serious about keeping things in check. With a solid plan and room for updates, they’re trying to navigate this crazy AI world safely. But, there are still big questions about how it’s all governed, who’s at the table, and what role lawmakers should play.

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